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Welcome to Allwood Stands in Las Vegas, NV!

Are you tired of the flimsy rickety metal guitar stand, for your classical or electric guitar? Allwood Stands of Las Vegas, NV offers wood guitar stands that look elegant and beautiful. We create finely crafted custom guitar stand in different wood options depending on your requirement. All our acoustic guitar stands are created using only the top quality materials and have finishes like top furniture. We also offer exotic custom designed electric guitar stands, folding guitar stands. All of our stands are flat fold design; they fold flat for easy storage.

We design and offer guitar stands in a variety of wood types made in Las Vegas, NV. Our range of wood guitar stands includes acoustic guitar stand, electric guitar stand and folding guitar stand. We also offer custom guitar stands in many different configurations.

Our Guitar Stands


Guitar Stands

Premium 3 and 5 Space Acoustic Guitar Stand.
Choose Red Oak, Curly Maple or White Ash.

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Guitar Stands

Premium 3 and 5 Space Electric Guitar Stand.
Choose Red Oak, Curly Maple or White Ash.

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Guitar Hero

Guitar Stands

Our mini version of our full size stands will hold up to 4 guitars from the popular Guitar Hero and Rock Star games

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Quality hand-made all wood guitar stands.


AAA wood

Stands in which you'll be proud to display your guitars.


Fold-Flat Design

Makes each stand easy to store and carry!.