About Us

One day, I took my '67' Gibson SG out to the garage. I had just bought one of those tripod-type stands and I carefully sat my ax on it. I adjusted it a couple of times and ran back inside to get my amp. I wasn't gone but a minute, but a terrible sight greeted me when I returned. My SG lay on the concrete floor with a broken headstock! My dog Sassy had brushed against it and over it went. I was able to fix my guitar, thankfully, but I would never again trust my guitars to "one of those" stands. I began to think of a better way to keep my instruments safe while looking stylish at the same time. After many changes and the creation of the "fold flat" design, I am proud to introduce ALLWOOD STANDS to the guitar world! Let's face it, none of us are getting any younger. There comes a time when you get sick of the "broke musician" look in your home and want something that looks more like a piece of furniture. Each of our stands is handcrafted from Select AAA quality wood and fold flat for easy storage and transport. Our stands are designed to hold either electric or acoustic guitars. They're beautiful, solid and a gorgeous way to display your collection of guitars. Don't trust your expensive instruments to an inferior, cheaply made stand!