Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we aim to provide answers to common questions about our premium, handcrafted Allwood Stands. Whether you're curious about assembly, the size of our stands, or the types of wood we offer, you'll find your answers here.

General Questions

Do Allwood Stands require assembly?

No assembly is required on our stands with the "Fold Flat Design" Our 8 space deluxe and The 6+6 Ax Cabinet require some easy assembly with just the use of a screwdriver or screw gun. All hardware and instructions are included with each stand.

I'm limited on space, How big of a footprint does the 5 space electric guitar stand require?

Our 5 space Electric Guitar Stand is only 30 inches wide by 27 inches tall and 16 inches deep when in use. And only 30" wide by 27 inches long and 4 inches thick when folded flat for easy carrying or storage.

What types of wood are available for custom orders?

In addition to our standard offerings of Red Oak, Cherry, American Walnut, and Curly Maple, we provide an extensive selection of exotic woods, including African Purple Heart, Lacewood, Santos Mahogany, and many others, to fully customize your stand.

Do you make a stand for acoustic guitars?

Yes. We make stands for acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars. We also make stands for ukuleles and mandolins.

Can I request a stand that holds both guitars and other instruments?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our flexibility in creating custom stands that can accommodate a mix of guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, and more. Simply let us know your needs, and we'll design a stand that fits perfectly.

How stable are Allwood Stands? Can they securely hold heavy guitars?

Our stands are designed with stability in mind, featuring a sturdy base and non-skid rubber feet. They are more than capable of securely holding heavy guitars and basses, ensuring your instruments are safe.

Are Allwood Stands safe for all guitar finishes, including Nitrocellulose Lacquer?

Yes, our stands are designed to be safe for all types of guitar finishes. We use soft, non-reactive padding at every point where the stand contacts your guitar, ensuring that finishes like Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Polyurethane, Polyester, Shellac (French Polish), and others are protected against reactions and wear.

Can I safely place my guitar with a specialty or metallic finish on an Allwood Stand?

Absolutely! Our stands are suitable for guitars with specialty and metallic finishes. The protective padding ensures that even the most delicate and unique finishes are kept safe from scratches and wear.

Can Allwood Stands be easily transported for gigs or rehearsals?

Yes, our "Fold Flat Design" models are especially portable, folding down to a compact size for easy transport to gigs, rehearsals, or storage.

Can Allwood Stands accommodate different types of stringed instruments?

Yes, in addition to guitars, our stands can be customized to hold a variety of stringed instruments, including ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, and more. We offer custom configurations to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Is the wood used in Allwood Stands sustainably sourced?

Yes, we are committed to environmental responsibility. Our wood is sourced from suppliers who adhere to sustainable forestry practices, ensuring that our products are both high-quality and eco-friendly.

Orders and Shipping

I have 2 acoustic and 3 electric guitars. Will the 5 space electric stand work for my guitars?

Our 5 space stands for electrics will not accommodate acoustic guitars safely. However, we are happy to do a custom configuration for your particular needs i.e. a 5 space stand with 2 acoustic slots and 3 electric slots. Or just purchase one of our 5 space acoustic guitar stands. The acoustic slots will accommodate electrics.

How can I place a custom order?

For custom orders, visit our "Custom Order" page on the website, where you can provide details about your specific requirements. We'll follow up with you to discuss your order in detail and provide a quote.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we proudly ship our products internationally. To ensure that our unique, handcrafted stands can be enjoyed by musicians around the world, we offer international shipping options. For details on international shipping rates and times, please visit our "Shipping Information" page or contact us directly.

I need a stand that will hold my bass guitars. Do your stands accommodate basses?

Yes! We make bass stands, specifically built bigger, stronger and taller for bass players and their bass guitars. Our electric guitar stands will hold basses as well. Because our stands are strong, even bass guitars are safe and secure.

Care and Maintenance

How should I maintain my wooden stand to keep it in the best condition?

Dust your stand regularly with a soft cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a wood-specific cleaner lightly applied with a soft cloth. Avoid exposure to extreme temperature changes and humidity to prevent warping.

Wholesale Orders

Does Allwood Stands accept wholesale orders?

Yes, we welcome wholesale orders! Allwood Stands offers competitive pricing for retailers looking to stock our high-quality, handcrafted guitar stands. For more information on our wholesale pricing and terms, please contact for inquiries

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders from music schools or studios?

Yes, we support music education and professional studios by offering discounts on bulk orders. Please contact us for more information on our discount structure and how to apply.

What are the minimum order quantities for wholesale purchases?

The minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases varies depending on the product. Generally, a minimum order of 10 units is required to qualify for wholesale pricing. Please reach out to us for detailed information on specific products and minimum order quantities.

Marketing Opportunities

I'm an influencer interested in partnering with Allwood Stands. How can I get involved?

We love partnering with influencers who share our passion for music and quality craftsmanship! To explore partnership opportunities, please send us your media kit and a brief proposal outlining how you envision working together at We're excited to hear your ideas and discuss how we can collaborate.

Do you have specific criteria for influencer collaborations?

While we're open to collaborating with a wide range of influencers, we typically look for individuals who have an engaged audience that aligns with our brand values and customer base. This includes musicians, interior designers, lifestyle bloggers, and music educators. We assess collaborations based on audience engagement, content quality, and alignment with our products and brand ethos.