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3 Space Mandolin & Ukulele Stand

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Red Oak
Curly Maple
American Walnut

3 Space Mandolin & Ukulele Stand with the "Fold Flat Design"!

  • Handmade wooden Mandolin/Ukulele Stands from Allwood Stands
  • Made from select AAA Red Oak, Cherry, American Walnut or Curly Maple (other woods available include Mahogany, Purple Heart, Lacewood, etc.)
  • Our unique 'fold-flat design' makes for easy transporting or storage! Only 3.5 inches thick!
  • All contact points are fully cushioned! Neck and base are safe and protected!
  • Non-skid rubber to protect the floor!
  • Multi coats of polyurethane bring our stands to a furniture quality glasslike finish!

Our 3 space Mandolin/Ukulele stands are handmade one at a time. The quality is unmatched! They are guaranteed never to sag from the weight of the instruments! We use only 'select AAA' grade wood! 

These beautiful ukulele stands & mandolin stands are quality furnishings for your ukulele or mandolin collection.


Standing: 18" T x 20" W x 12" D
Folded: 20" T x 20" W x 4" D

Do you need something special? Visit the custom order page where virtually any combination or configuration of instruments are available!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sandee M
Wonderful stand - Wait not wonderful!

This was the second stand I ordered and they are wonderful. You just can’t have any expectation about delivery dates. I was told multiple times that it would go out and it didn’t for a host of different reasons. While worse this time, @ 3months from ordering, I experienced delays last time as well. I am fine with a hand made product taking as long as long as is necessary. I just want a delivery timeframe I can count on.

Michael E. Bruce
Great mandolin stand!!

Very well made stand. I couldn’t be happier!! Well worth the wait.

Dave Hable
Very Nice Stand

It took a while to get it here, but it's well worth the wait. Expert craftsmanship. Beautiful piece of functional furniture. I only had to fasten two bolts to set it up, and they were included. However, the bolts were neither phillips head, nor slot head, but "star" head. Luckily, I had an adapter which worked, but I would guess that the average person might not have such an adapter, and I would recommend Allwood replace those bolts with more conventional bolts.

Barbara Harris

I didn't get it yet!

Scott Carpenter
Excellent small instrument stand.

Beautiful, clean lines, well made.